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Dahi Toast with Tempered Curry Leaves

Here’s what to cook quickly before that early morning zoom meeting you have, a couple of “Fancy” Dahi Toast with curry leaves chonk/tempering on top. Now don’t go judging that how can curry leaves go well with a sandwich 🧐, well you are in for a surprise because the crunch of the fried curry leaves […]

Breakfast, Fasting

Sabudana or Sago Khichdi

This dish evokes memories of home for me on a bright Sunday morning, the smell of roasting peanuts, the crackle of potatoes as they develop a nice crispy crust, and finally the star of the show, the white pearly, cute sabudana balls. As a kid, I would always follow my Mom around in the kitchen […]

Dinner, Lunch

Paneer Makhani

Here’s a quick and easy recipe for paneer makhani, one of the most popular gravies which you order in a restaurant.

What makes it special is the creamy and dreamy gravy and soft cubes of paneer with the aroma of whole spices. To top all of that, this recipe contains no onion or garlic and still tastes awesome. Feel free to add them if that’s your thing and make this recipe your own. Enjoy!